Talk Lean: Shorter Meetings, quicker results, better relationships

Talk LeanDo you want to shorten meetings, make communication more efficient and increase the effectiveness of sales opportunities? Well Talk Lean may well enable you to do this.

We have recently been introduced to the discipline of Talk Lean from the book of the same name by Alan H Palmer. It is based on the Interactifs business training programme and provides a very practical guide to:

  • open conversations succinctly and with empathy
  • listen effectively so that you can respond productively
  • and increase the quality of the results you achieve and develop better relationships

It is a simple concept that you can apply in all communication situations. There are no set scripts just a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and gaining it through being precise and explicit, and not alienating anyone along the way. So if you would like to know more contact us. We would love to talk to you more about Talk Lean and how it might work for you.

Thanks to our friend at Mahle for introducing us to Talk Lean earlier this year.

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