The impact of Brexit on staff investment

The impact of Brexit on staff investment

It’s now been almost 3 months since Britain voted to leave the EU and things don’t seem to have changed that much. It looks like it is going to be quite some time before anything significant is going to happen. So I was saddened to read that a recent CIPD/Adecco UK and Ireland Labour Market Outlook Survey found 21% of organisations are considering reducing their investment in training and development for their staff. This does seem short sighted as those brave enough to invest in training and development during periods of uncertainty are always more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

Even with the threat of recession, organisations need to be building their resilience now so that they are able to compete in a potentially more difficult economic climate. That means staff need to have a broader skills set, managers and leaders need to be able to engage their staff more effectively and enable them to be the best they can be.

If you are in the 79% who are still considering investing in staff development in the future, then consider ways of doing this more creatively. Traditional training approaches may seem an extravagance but a more blended approach such as Crystal Learning’s Creative Employee Engagement Initiative will offer another alternative.

What are your views?

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