Leading Teams: Setting the stage for Great Performance!

teamworkWhile researching some new ideas about leading teams I came across the work of Richard Hackman. He has some interesting thoughts around what makes a team successful and what makes them fail! I suspect there is really nothing new in his finding s, more it is the approach he took to get there.

Firstly, he looks at leadership from the perspective of the team member and identified what impact good leadership has on them. His research found that members of successful teams demonstrated three attributes that were not present in less successful teams.

These attributes are that team members:

  • are driven to satisfy internal and external stakeholders
  • are willing to develop their capabilities so the team is successful in the future
  • find meaning and satisfaction from belonging to this team

Hackman then turned his attention to what team leaders can do to increase the chance of their team wanting to demonstrate these qualities. He identified five specific conditions that when present, made a significant difference to how the team operated. Hackman called these the ‘Five Factor Model.’

The Five Factors:hackmans-5-factors

  1. Being a ‘Real’ Team
  2. Creating a Compelling Direction
  3. Having Enabling Structure
  4. Working within a Supportive Context
  5. Providing Competent Coaching

The challenge for all leaders is making this work practically for them. If you have some ideas about how you could make this work for you, then please get in touch.


Taken from Richard Hackman’s book: Leading Teams: Setting the stage for Great Performance (2002)

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