How Engaged are your Workforce?

All organisations today understand the importance of employee engagement. Most measure how satisfied their people feel. But, few have a real strategy for improving and maintaining it.

Creating employee engagement is a two-way process. On one side, it needs an organisation that creates an environment where engagement can flourish and on the other, employees that willingly choose to be engaged.

What does engagement mean? Well, true engagement is about employees who feel passionate about the work that they do. They want to give their hearts, bodies and minds to doing it the best they possibly can. It leads to employees that care more and contribute more and are driven by:

  • understanding the importance of the work they do
  • feeling self-sufficient and in control
  • the knowledge that they will progress within their role
  • feeling they have influence over what they do and how they do it, and
  • a strong sense of belonging and mutual association with the organisation in which they work.

Find out more about how to create the right environment through our Creative Employee Engagement Initiative.

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