Building Personal Resilience

Within a world of high workloads, declining resources, frequent change and a hectic pace of life, the workplace resilience of employees has become a critical factor in organisational success.

How individuals are able to react when faced with daily pressures, unexpected setbacks and challenges, depends very much on their level of resilience. With the blurring of boundaries through greater use of technology, increased expectations of the 24/7 service economy, never before have individuals experienced greater workplace stresses. The world of work is becoming more volatile, more uncertain, much more complex and certainly more ambiguous. Never before has it been so important to support employees to build and maintain their resilience.

But what is #resilience?

It is no longer seen as a stiff upper lip. People are not born with it. It is a state not a trait. In other words it is a moving feast not a static feature of someones personality. Resilience is about how well an individuals manages the everyday stress of work and remains healthy, rebounds and learns from unexpected setbacks and uses them to prepare proactively for future challenges.

How can you help your employees to build and maintain their resilience and be the best that they can be?

The Resilience @ Work Sustain 7 Model can help.

It provides a framework to discuss and explore personal resilience. It explains the factors that lead to greater resilience and a pathway for continuing to maintain and build them – so that personally individuals can be the best that they can be.


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