Annual Reviews are a thing of the past!

New research has shown that for the new generation of employees annual reviews are neither rewarding or motivational. Today with the increased pace of work there is more of an expectation for instant feedback and the idea that you wait until an annual review seems ludicrous.

It has been purported that managers and organisations need to consider new strategies to replace this outdated method of managing performance.

5 New strategies to replace the annual  review

  1. Make sure that you always give explicit instructions.
  2. Provide frequent opportunities for one to one check-in meetings
  3. Encourage participation in conversations about an employee’s future aspirations
  4. Use new technologies – applications – that provide a constant feedback loop
  5. Utilise the old idea of managing by walking about. MBWA is a great way to understand what is going on for employees, builds relationships and increases morale

How well do your annual reviews meet the needs of your organisation, you and your employees?

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