In partnership with Wollaston School

shield1As part of Crystal Learning’s community projects, we work in partnership with Wollaston School Sixth Form.

For a number of years now we have been supporting the Sixth Form at Wollaston School on their ‘Future Plans’ Day. The day is aimed at those students that have decided against going straight to university and are looking at their future options.  As they come to the end of their school lives and need to make decisions about what their next steps will be, we have helped them understand more about the world of work.

Our short sessions with them have covered things such as employer expectations, CV writing and how to conduct themselves at interview. The response is always very positive and it is a rewarding event for us, and one that we enjoy attending. This year it was on the 14th July and we had an interesting session with 11 students. We will post their comments on the site shortly.

If you think we might be able to benefit your local school, then please get in touch.