People Skills Training

A Formula For Success

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Having the skills and knowledge that will help you to interact most effectively with others, means that whatever you need to deliver will always be more successful. People skills training will provide you with the ability to do just that.

The types of programme that fall in to this category covers areas such as; Communication Skills, Relationship Building, Interpersonal Skills, Influencing, Team Building, and much more. Although each program is tailored specifically for you, some potential outlines can be seen below.

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Example Outlines

The Art of Making an Impact

Increase your confidence and presence when dealing with customers, colleagues or suppliers.

Topics will include

  • Effective communication
  • Being assertive
  • Demonstrating the 3 V’s
  • Conveying the right message
  • Making the message convincing

What you can expect

  • All the generic expectations
  • Useful tools & techniques
  • Personal feedback
  • The Impact & Presence Pocket Book

Productive Working Relationships

Increase your personal awareness when in potential conflict situations.

Topics will include

  • A model of communication
  • Awareness of own interactive style
  • Awareness to the interactive preferences of others
  • Strategy for building productive relationships

What you can expect

  • All the generic expectations
  • Internationally recognised self-reflection tool
  • Opportunity to practise the skills
  • Real time case studies and role plays
  • Personal coaching and interpretation

The Human Aspects of Time

Increase your awareness of how you spend your time and the discipline you need to make everything you do value added.

Topics will include

  • Understanding the perspectives of time
  • Assessing & prioritising your use of time
  • Dealing with your time bandits
  • Saying ‘No!’ and meaning it

What you can expect

  • All the generic expectations
  • Useful tools & techniques
  • Relevant Exercises
  • Group discussion and sharing best practise

Working Through Change

Recognise your personal power in change situations.

Topics will include

  • Understand own reaction to change and that of others
  • Taking control
  • Be Productive
  • Identify the change radiators and stagnant drains

What you can expect

  • All the generic expectations
  • Recognised models & theories
  • Useful tools & techniques
  • Self-assessment inventory
  • Group discussion and sharing of best practise

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